Our Fabulous New Venture

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It’s February, fellow fashionistas, the month of Valentines  and love is in the air. Speaking of love, Vicky and I have started a new venture which we are loving and we hope you will too! As some of you may know Vicky and I have a booth at Second Chances Antiques and Collectibles, here in Clarksville, Tennessee. And now we have opened a second! Our booth is B2 Fabulous!

We have had a lot of fun stocking our booth  with vintage and newer clothing, vintage gloves and purses and lots of other fabulous things! We wanted to take this opportunity to share with you a few pictures and we hope that you will go and check it out for yourselves.

BoothB210 This is an overall view of our booth

BoothB2 Just a few of the vintage handbags we have for sale.

BoothB28 Vintage hats, perfume bottles and more. Lots of pretty things.

BoothB26 A…

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Some of my Photos-See what you think…


Just a few to begin with:



This was under an overpass on the interstate and I had to make several attempts to get a shot of it. Traffic is usually heavy and stopping was not easy to get the angle I wanted.  Teresa went with me to help me watch the traffic so I safer in the traffic.


She has been looking for someone or something since before the 1900’s. I wonder who left her so sad and lonely.




This tree was struck by lightning and when the limb fell, the mushrooms grew and made the perfect village for the fairies and elves village.



I spotted this on the Greenway.









This hawk was in a tree beside the road near my home so as my business card says, I definitely did drive-by and shoot some photos of this beautiful bird.

4.6.12 216.JPG

This was an old building in downtown Guthrie.


These are just a few of my photos. I would love it if I can get some feedback. Please follow me if you like them.


December 2015

I finally got proof in December 2015 that I do have Multiple sclerosis. I was told in 1978 that I had it but since then I haven’t been able to find a doctor to verify.  So to say I was happy sounds a little crazy but at least I know all the times I felt exhausted or depressed. When I had pain I couldn’t explain or my headaches got worse I have a reason, I’m not just lazy or trying to get out of doing something-I HAVE MS and actual disease. So crazy or not I am really planning on getting some pictures on this site.

Keep on driving…

Laughing, Crying and Trying to Take Photographs

I’m the devil, but a very funny one.

Well, hello, there I’m Vicky. This is my blog “Driveby Shootings”.  Some people like my name and some people don’t. I like it but I think it might be offensive to some.  I started this blog to show my photos. I love to take pictures of just about anything. Doesn’t have to be pretty or cute just interesting to me. So that may be why I haven’t sold as many as I had hoped. I don’t think that I am going to be able to buy my kids and grandkids the big fancy homes and cars that they wanted. Hope that doesn’t effect the mother and kids love that we have.

I like to be funny. Humor is a part of my personality. I love laughter. Laughing can make so many things better. I laugh sometimes at places I shouldn’t …funerals, sad movies, and arguments. don’t dislike me till you know me, I can make you laugh, cry, snort out your nose and pee your pants-just ask my friends.

This blog is a place to display my humor and my photographs I truly hope you fall in love with me, my humor and my pictures.